Thursday, February 12, 2009

I have just purchased my first Pitcher Plant ( Nepenthes ). I have wanted a Pitcher Plant for a long time now but I was holding out for a deal. These plants usually run around $30.00. I found mine on a clearance sale for $5.00. I could not pass up this deal, the only thing is that the pitchers are dried up and there is no specific name for it. The plant looks very good otherwise and I know that new pitchers will form, some already are. Feel free to throw out some names if you can identify it.

The Pitcher Plant ( Nepenthes ) is a carniverous plant that is most happy with a 50% sun to shade ratio and the soil must be kept damp at all times. If you buy a Pitcher Plant from the store then you must fill the pitchers half way with water when you get home. Here are some pictures of my new Pitcher Plant ( Nepenthes ).

You can see a new pitcher forming from the tip of the leaf.

I hope you enjoyed this post. See you again next time.