Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The $36.00 Natural Privacy Fence

O.k., so I wanted a natural privacy fence around my back yard. I went to thinking and came up with the Areca palm. It is absolutely perfect for a privacy fence. It can be very thick, it is very easy on the eye, and alot better than a wood fence if you ask me, and not to mention a fraction of the cost. Let me tell you what I did, I went to my local hardware store and bought 3 pots of Areca Palms. The palms were waist to almost chest high and cost $12.00 each. Areca Palms grow in clumps naturally. So what I did was pulled the palms from their containers and separated them. To do this you need a hose handy to spray the soil away and lubricate the root system for separation. Gently pull at the roots until they break free, you will know how hard to pull you can just feel it if it is about to break. You do not want to break the roots because it will take forever to grow. I pulled from 20 to 30 plants out of each pot. Then I planted the individual trees about 1.5 feet apart around my whole backyard. The trees will grow into clumps and form a virtually impenetrable wall for security and privacy that is beautiful and ran me around $36.00. Now that is a deal if you ask me. These are some pictures I have taken of the process, I hope you enjoy!


Anonymous said...

How are the Areca plants now doing?

Anonymous said...

I Live in PSL and was wondering how this worked out for you? Did the Palms survive? I'm looking to do the same thing. ==Les==

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Rebecca A. Maynard said...

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