Friday, January 25, 2008

Travelers Palm Seeds

Here are the Travelers Palm Seeds( Ravenala Madagascariensis ). These are a lot of fun to extract from the pods, j/k. They are very nice looking with their blue color. The blue is like a teflon tape wrapped around the seed. I have just put 8 seeds into the incubator yesterday. The seed stalk is about 4 ft. tall. Very tough, almost like a coconut shell. Here are pictures of the seeds. The pod to me looks like a shoe, I thought it was funny!


Anonymous said...

Just curious, I know this is an old post I am commenting on, but, did you ever get the seeds to grow? My dad brought an open stalk home a few days ago. Looks like the same palm seeds except these have orange fur instead of blue. I just finished putting 12 in a disposable green house thing with the peat pellets so we will see what happens. I was just curious. You can shoot me an email if you have any tips or info about these. Thanks.