Monday, September 8, 2008

This weeks Medicinal Monday post is going to be on the Marsh Mallow Plant ( Althaea officinalis ). Not just an interesting looking plant, the Marsh Mallow Plant is also very beneficial to have in your garden. I do not have this plant yet but it is on the top of my to get list.

The Marsh Mallow Plant cam grow up to 6 feet tall and should be spaced about 2 feet apart when planting. This plant likes sun to partial shade and requires regular watering. This is in fact the plant that marshmallows are made from.

Unlike the Aloe Vera, the leaves of the Marsh Mallow Plant are edible and commonly used in salads, some boil them them and some people fry them. Eating the leaves has been known to help out with cystitis and frequent urination.

Taking the root internally has been known to treat:

  • peptic ulceration
  • excess stomach acid
  • inflammations and irritations of the urinary and respiratory mucous membranes
  • gastritis
  • coughing
  • chest pains

Externally applying the root helps treat:

  • muscle aches
  • inflammation of the skin
  • insect bites
  • bruises
  • splinters
  • sprains

There are a number of recipes available on the internet.

Here is a picture of the Marsh Mallow Plant that I found on the internet. I will add some more when I get this plant.

I hope you found this post to be useful. See next time.


pomona belvedere said...

Wow, what a gorgeous picture of the marshmallow plant. I also didn't know they grew that tall.

Marshmallows were once medicinal, sort of like throat lozenges, and they were made out of this plant then. But now they are just sugar and some plant gums and maybe a couple of other things, so don't look for a cure from those Campfire puffs!