Thursday, September 4, 2008

I have had my Passion Flower Vine ( Passiflora incarnata ) for a while now in a pot on a shelf. I have been hesitant to incorporate it into my garden on the grounds that it is extremely invasive. Click Here for more information on the Passion Flower Vine.

The other day one of my watering cans started leaking from the bottom. I almost threw it away when I thought of an idea. I will use it to contain my Passion Flower. Basically I will place a pot inside of the watering can. To start, I set a piece of wood on the ground next to my clothesline pole. This is a good barrier piece. Then I cut off the bottom of the leaky watering can. I set the bottom of the watering can on top of the wood piece. I then placed the pot of Passion Flower Vine on top of the bottom of the watering can. Now I have two barrier pieces. Then I placed the body of the watering can over the Passion Flower pot and feed the vine through the top. To finalize my project, I tied the vine to the pole using pieces of bread ties. Now I can have my Passion Flower Vine in my garden without worrying about it spreading, in theory.
I hope this works out. I will keep you updated on my Passion Flower Vine Project. Here are some pictures of my new project.

This is the Passion Flower Vine project.

Here you can see the green ties I used to attach the vine.

Here you can see the barriers in place.

This is a view from the front.

Here is a top view. You can see the pot inside the watering can.

I hope you found this post useful. Let me know if you have any success if you try. I will let you know how mine goes.


Anonymous said...

Great idea for containing the Passion vine. But can it spread through seeds? Just wondering. Anyhow I had that same watering can and it started leaking too.

ldybug said...

love your little ideas! good luck this week. we are going to gainesville for the fl-miami game and might come back early sunday to board up. i hope you've dried out sufficiently enough to handle more downpours. it looks like we'll ge the north side (yuk) of the storm.

JGH said...

Thanks for welcoming me on Blotanical. If you don't remember, don't worry -- it was almost two months ago!

I'm a former Floridian and happy to find your blog. Very creative use of an old watering can! And your passion flower is stunning. I wonder if they'd grow up here in the northeast.

Those are some fine hurricane photos. We've got Hanna up here in New York today. Not a lot of wind, but plenty of rains and flood watch. How are you doing down there with Ike and such?

I also loved the photos of your son's first trip to the beach. I have photos of my daughter's panicked look as her first wave washed up on her at 8 months old. If you haven't discovered it yet, baby powder is very effective in getting sand off sticky babies :-)

pomona belvedere said...

What a fun idea! I love passionflowers but so far have not had enough sun for them to work. Maybe I'll try again.

jgh, there are hardy passionflowers, so you should be able to grow at least some of them where you are. Logee's is a good place to start looking. Ask at your local nursery, too. Maybe next year we'll both have passionflowers.

Dave said...

You mentioned on your blog that some of the plants that you have are for sale. I am particularly interested in buying a start of your Passiflora incarnata. I grow several different P. incarnatas from different states, but none of them has flowers quite like the ones in your pictures. Anyhow, could you please contact me with information on how I can purchase a start from you? Please email me at