Sunday, November 2, 2008

Back on August 1st 2008, I placed 11 Red Flowered Royal Poinciana ( Delonix regia ) seeds in a pot. 1o out of the 11 have sprouted! I am very excited about these sprouts because this is one of my favorite tree of all.

The Royal Poinciana Tree can grow to heights of 20-30 feet tall and should be spaced anywhere from 12-15 feet apart. The Royal Poinciana Tree enjoys full sun exposure and is drought tolerant making it ideal for xeriscaping.

The following are my pictures from seed pod to sprouts.

The following are pictures of Royal Poinciana seeds and seed pods.
These were taken 7-1-2008.

This is the seed pod open.

This is the seed pod closed.

The following is a picture of my Royal Poinciana sprouts before I re-potted them. This was taken 10-15-2008.

The following are pictures of my Royal Poinciana sprouts after I re-potted them. These were taken 11-2-2008.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! See you again next time.


camellia said...

Wow, planting tree seeds. Now, that's a project of patience! I'm too eager to wait even for Basil to sprout...

islandgal246 said...

these grow really quickly and I have some potted that are 10ft tall. Great blog!