Friday, March 27, 2009

Here Come The Mango's

I had a feeling this year would be good for my Mango Tree ( Mangifera indica ). Last year was the first time it went to fruit. It was a sad display, I think there were only 5 or 6 Mango's on the whole tree. The worst part about it, I never was able to taste any of them. I was beat to them by the squirrels. They have caused me much trouble so far and I am not very happy with them. I have a feeling that things will be different this time.

My Mango Tree is full of baby Mango's! I have been fertilizing with a great citrus fertiliser. I have also been watering pretty regularly. As you can see in the following pictures, I think it is working! Here are some pictures of the little baby Mango's.

This is a shot of the entire tree.

This is a shot of the dead flowers.

And here are the baby Mango's.

This is a shot the Mango Tree last time it fruited it's glorious 6 fruit.

And here are the first Mango's my tree ever produced.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. See you again next time!!


Dee/reddirtramblings said...

I've never seen mangoes growing before. They look so good. This is one of the great things about blogging. We get to see how things are in other people's gardens.~~Dee