Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mckee Botanical Garden is located in Vero Beach Florida. This amazing garden is built on 18 acres and was founded in 1929. You can read up on it by clicking here. This was my first time ever visiting and I am sorry that it took so long. This place is amazing! Here are some pictures of my visit.

This first picture is a map of the garden.

This picture is of the amazing Royal Palm Trees ( Roystonea regia ) that are just plain huge.

This next set of pictures is of one of my favorite Palm Trees commonly known as the Old Man Palm ( Coccothrinax crinita ). This Palm Tree grows very slowly.

Here is one with Brandan standing next to it for size comparison.

These next pictures are of my favorite...... The Screw Pine ( Pandanas utilis ). These two pictures are the same kind of tree just different ages. The second one will turn into the first one.

This is a random picture of the garden.

Ouch! I would not want to run into this tree running through the woods. I was not able to find the name tag but I think it is a Corojo Palm tree (Gastrococos crispa ). It is completely covered in 3 to 4 inch hypodermic needles.

This set of pictures is of my favorite bamboo known as Buddahs Belly Bamboo ( Bambusa ventricosa ). I am attracted to the shape of the culms. They are like an hour glass.

That concludes my trip to McKee Botanical Garden. I hope you enjoyed the pictures. See you again next time.


Tatyana said...

I enjoyed touring this garden, thanks! I love palms. Some of them I saw first time in my life. Nice pictures!

perennialgardener said...

Thanks for the tour! I didn't realize what a variety of Palm Trees there were, interesting shapes & sizes.

VW said...

Gotta love any plant named 'Old Man'! And the Buddha belly bamboo - who thinks of these names? So fun. Well, the needle tree doesn't look so fun. I wouldn't be putting that on my want list even if I lived in a tropical climate.

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