Sunday, September 27, 2009

I planted my Williams Hybrid Banana Tree April 21, 2008 at the height of about 2 feet tall. If you want to read all posts on this Banana Tree CLICK HERE.  Now only a year and a half later I have my first Bananas forming. This is my first out of all my Banana Trees to start producing Bananas.  I am finally starting to see the benefits of all my hard work.   I have two sets of pictures to share with you today.  The first set is from September 3, 2009 and the second set is from September 7, 2009.  

These first two pictures were taken 9-3-2009.  The first show of life.

My first toad!!

The following three pictures were taken 9-7-2009.  After only 4 days that toad turned into a rack of Bananas.

I hope you enjoyed this post. See you again next time!!


francis said...

WOW-Great blogsite!!!!!!!!! I really enjoyed the pictures- thanks for brightening my day ! Francis

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