Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lake Placid Florida

I went on my annual trip to Lake Placid Florida over the weekend. We had lots of fun hanging out by the lake, in the lake and around the pool. It was a very relaxing weekend. The weather was perfect, sunny with a good breeze. I played soccer, baseball and water gun fights with the kids all weekend.

The bad news is that all of my pictures were destroyed. I had some really great pictures to show you but when I was transferring them to my computer something happened. My computer guy is in New York right now so I can't have him come over to see if he can retrieve them until Thurs. But for now I took some pictures of a Coconut Palm Tree that I won at the annual auction for $8.00. The pot it came in I think would be worth $8.00 so I think it was a very good deal. Here are the pictures of the Coconut Palm Tree until I can get the rest of them.


Jane Marie said...

I hate when there are computer problems. So frustrating!

walk2write said...

How long before this wee palm bears the coconuts? I know the windmill types I have are very slow growing and wonder if this type of palm grows the same way. Hope you can access your vacation pics. I'd love to see them.