Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Have you ever heard of a Metallic Palm? Well I have one in my garden and I think it adds a certain boost to my tropical look. This Metallic Palm ( Chamaedorea metallica ) or Miniature Fishtail Palm is amazing in the fact that it needs almost no light at all to survive. The Miniature Fishtail Palm grows up from 6 to 8 feet tall. I have it placed in my most shaded area where I am sure it will do great. You want to keep the soil wet around the Metallic Palm. The blooms of the Miniature Fishtail Palm are a bright orange color, almost fluorescent.

The damage on the leaves was due to bad placement. Before I knew the Metallic Palm was a shade plant it was out in the sun. You can see the new growth coming in looking pretty good. Soon all of the damaged leaves will be gone and my Miniature Fishtail Palm will be in tip top shape. Here are some pictures of my Miniature Fishtail Palm or Metallic Palm ( Chamaedorea metallica ). Enjoy!


Kate in NJ said...

That looks so cool.
I can't wait to sit with my morning coffee and really have a good look around here. :-)

DP Nguyen said...

that is a really cool plant. it does have a tropical feel. i love the orange in the midst of the green. it makes it just lovely!

Angie said...

Great blog! I'm sure I'll be visiting often!


bestdank said...

It looks alot better since you moved it!