Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Red-Hot Cattail

This Chenille Plant ( Acalypha hispida ) was given to me as a very small piece pulled out of the ground. I brought it home and planted it into a pot. The Chenille Plant ( Acalypha hispida ) did not look like it was going to make it for a long time. Finally my Chenille Plant is doing great. The Chenille Plant is also referred to as the Red-Hot Cattail because it's blooms resemble red cattails.The Red-Hot Cattail blooms constantly making it a great accent. The Chenille Plant is a very interesting ground cover that I can't wait to add to my little jungle. I am going to wait a little longer for my Chenille Plant to become a little more established before I transplant it into the ground. The Chenille Plant doesn't have any enemies in the bug world so no worries there. I will plant my Chenille Plant in partial shade for best results. As for dangers, all of the Chenille Plant is poisonous if ingested. Stay tuned for updates as the Chenille Plant will only look better. Here are some pictures of my Chenille Plant or Red-Hot Cattail ( Acalypha hispida ).


Katie said...

Cool plant. It reminds me of a red version of purple fountain grass.

Neza said...

You know I love Chenille Plant...I'm using it in some of my commercial plantings & hanging baskets....I'm glad you're growing it too...good to know about it being toxic...thanks.

The Rock and Roll Gardener

titania said...

This is a really nice plant to look at...but... in my garden it is a WEED. I have spend so much time tried to get rid of it and I have still places where it grows.
So , be carefull when you have a warm climate garden, it is easy to plant but hard to get rid of once it has established itself.

Anonymous said...

The chenille plant is taking over my yard. You really have to stay on top of it. I've inherited a lot of problems from the previous owners of my home. Take my advice and leave the chenille plant in a pot. Read up on invasive plants and noxious weeds, they cause a lot of problems in the natural habitat.