Thursday, July 3, 2008

Royal Poinciana

Here is one of my favorite pictures. This picture is of a Royal Poinciana Tree that is growing at Heathcote Botanical Gardens of Fort Pierce Florida. I like this picture so much because it has all of my favorites in one shot. The Royal Poinciana Tree ( Delonix regia ) ties for favorite with the Screw Pine ( Pandanas utilis ). The Royal Poinciana Tree is also known as the Flame Tree or the Peacock Flower. The Screw Pine Tree is located at the top right of the picture. Also in the background you can see several other Palm Trees. On the left side is a nice clump of Phoenix reclinata's or African Wild Date Palms . In the back on the right side looks to be a Sable Palm Tree. I hope you like this picture as much as I do!


Eve said...

That is a georgeous tree. I wonder how long it takes to get that big?