Saturday, August 23, 2008

African Oil Palm Tree

The African Oil Palm Tree ( Elaeis guineensis ) is a big tree. They can reach heights of well over 40 feet tall. They like full sun and regular watering. This Palm Tree is native to Africa and grows very fast. If you are planting one of these Palms in your yard make sure you stay clear of power lines. The fronds of this Palm are covered with very sharp thorns so use caution when pruning. The seeds of the African Oil Palm are the primary source for palm oil that is used in all sorts of fattening foods. These seeds are grown by the tens of thousands in many countries and the oil is exported all around the world. The following pictures are of the African Oil Palm located at Heathcote Botanical Gardens in Fort Pierce Florida. Please enjoy!


I likE plants! said...

Cool, looks like the ferns and Hylocereus sp. cacti enjoy their home in the tree, as well!

Lets Plant said...

They were all over the ground and just everywhere. Almost out of control.

Anonymous said...

hi please i am interested in having these goegous african oil palm tree in your yard an was wondering how much you sell the seedling or seed. my email address is