Thursday, August 7, 2008

Gru Gru Palm Tree Seeds

While on my last visit to Heathcote Botanical Gardens of Fort Pierce Florida I noticed a few Gru Gru Palm Tree ( Acrocomia aculeate ) or Macaw Palm Tree seeds on the ground. These Palm Tree seeds are very interesting. They have a shell like outer coating and then a fleshy layer just inside the shell and then what you would expect to be a seed buried in the middle. Surprisingly there are no thorns on the seeds like the rest of the tree. There is no part of the Gru Gru Palm Tree that does not have thorns covering it. Another name is the Monkey No Climb Tree.

I have cleaned my seeds and put them in the dirt. Here are some pictures of the trunk of a GruGru Palm Tree. And also pictures of the seeds. I placed the seeds next to a tennis ball for a size reference. If you would like to see more Gru Gru Palm Tree pictures then click here.

I sure wouldn't want to run into this Palm Tree while running through the woods.

Check back to watch this extremely dangerous Palm Tree grow.


Katie said...

Cool shot of the gator at the top of your page!

I love how you took the seeds for your own garden, to continue your tropical adventures in growing. Let us know how the monkey no climb tree grows for you!

Jennifer (of Veg*n Cooking) said...

Cool blog! I added you to my Google Reader.

I love the "unofficial" name for that tree Monkey No Climb - hahaha.

Good luck with your planted seeds, that would be really neat if they grew! You could have some really cool trees in your yard.

Those seeds remind me of avocado pits.