Sunday, August 10, 2008

Eureka!! Areca Palm Tree Seeds

Eureka!! My Areca Palm Tree ( Dypsis lutescens ) is seeding and they are almost done. I have been waiting for this Palm Tree to seed for a long time now. The Areca Palm Tree is one of my favorite types of Palm Tree. I always smile when I hear someone call it the Eureka Palm Tree. It is a very common mispronunciation. The name is Areca Palm Tree ( Ah-reek-ah). I noticed that the seeds of my Areca Palm are almost gold in color. That means they are pretty much ready to be picked. I will wait a little bit longer before I pick them though. I usually like to wait until they fall on the ground themselves. If you would like to see my other Areca Palm Tree post then click here. For now here are some pictures of Areca Palm Tree seeds.

These are the gold ones that are almost ready to be picked.

These are some new seeds that will not be ready for a while.

These seeds are turning color and should be ready in no time.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Have a great day!


Perennial Gardener said...

Great post! I didn't realize that Palms Trees created seeds. How interesting.

Laurie Fischer said...

I am curious as to what is done with these seeds. I too did not realize that palm trees created you eat them? Plant them?
Can you tell I am from the north and know nothing about palm trees?

Jennifer (of Veg*n Cooking) said...

I'm with the other two commenters, I didn't know that palms produced seeds. Are the edible or are you going to plant more palms?

Lets Plant said...

The seeds of the Areca Palm are edible. They are definitely an acquired taste. I am going to plant these seeds though. I want to surround my property with them to make a living privacy fence. If you click on seeds under my labels you can see all sorts of Palm seeds. No 2 are alike. Also click on the Areca label to see my privacy fence idea.

Pomona Belvedere said...

These seeds reminded me of a date palm I lived near (briefly) in Spain, years ago. For some reason I hadn't taken in that other palm tree seeds might look similar.

Do you eat the actual seed, or the fruit around it? What do they taste like?

Lets Plant said...

These seeds are very similar to a date palm. You eat the fruit around the seed. It is almost to sweet to bear.

Gina said...

How old is that big tree that seeded?

How is your fence doing now?

In retrospect, would you have kept the store-bought plants in bigger clumps for a better success rate?

Thanks for this great site. I was looking all over for this exact info.


Johanna said...

I've been poking around the internet to read up on Areca palmtrees, as I have two large shrubtype ones, and came across this page. As far as I've educated myself on this matter, the Areca palm is also called the Betel-palm, and the seeds you mention are what is commonly refered to as Betelnuts. These nuts are chewed on by common folks, an estimate 200 -400 million people, both men and women all over india and indokina often together with leaves from the plant, black catechu, lime, turmeric and tobacco in different mixtures. The fresh seed is somewhat intoxicating and producess giddiness in some. The dried nut is a stimulant and astringent. The kernel or seed of the fruit you have is the most common variety used.
It stimulates salivaproduction and is believed in these regions to prevent toothdecay, but in fact the constant irritation of the mucusmembrane often causes teeth to loosen and fall out and sometimes also causes oral carcionoma (cancer). It also lessens perspiration , sweetens the breath, in small doses strengthens the gum, and produces mild exhilaration. Also in pharmaceutical use it violently stimulates the peristaltic movements of the bowels and intestines, and produces a constriction of the bronchial muscels (which can be overcome by adrenaline or atropine.) A decoction of the root is a reputed cure for sore lips. The betelnut is a part of hospitality towards houseguests, ritual offering to deities, and offered to Gurus (teachers), as well as a common habit. It can be quite addictive.
Thought you'd be interested ;-)

Beautiful tree you have there, gardening in such a climate must be very exiting!


Phil said...

Hey buddy
I'm liking your blog too. Like you I'm a recent convert from Sydney Australia. Love to garden, but as naturally and frugally. Especially here. Plant prices are ridiculous.
Just wondering...
1. What time of year (season)did you divide and plant your arecas?
2. And what time of year/season did your arecas seed?

Lets Plant said...

Hey Phil, Sorry for the delay. It is always best to tackle anything of this nature in the spring time. And in the earl morning. This is when growth is most vigorous.

Maniisshaa said...

Hey..i liked ur garden..i hav Areca Palm in my garden too..and i jus saw the seeds this year and was wondering if we could eat those seeds..
I got the answer..

Luke Weaver said...

I just picked some Areca dates and tried them. They are mildly sweet, but unhealthy to eat regularly. I used to grow the Betel leaf plants but did not realize that the Betel nut was an Areca palm seed. We learn something new every day.

Satyajit Mollick said...

is the palm seeds are toxic??? briefly explain and give me some resource or link about the seeds that I want to eat. thanks in advance.