Friday, August 15, 2008

Dwarf Pionciana Sprouts

Back on 8-1-2008, I placed 20 Dwarf Poinciana ( Caesalpinia pulcherima ) seeds in a pot. I did not do anything special to them. Exactly 7 days later on 8-8-2008 there were many sprouts. I would have to say that the seeds of a Dwarf Poinciana germinate very fast and easy.

Dwarf Poinciana trees only grow to heights of about 8 feet tall. If you are planting several of them you should space them about 6 feet apart. These trees are most happy when grown in full sun to partial shade and they have average water needs. If you like Royal Poinciana trees but just don't have the room for them then this is the tree for you. In the following pictures I will walk you through my potting steps.

This is my pot full of sprouts.

Here is another view of the little guys.

This is a fresh baby just waking up.

Here is an overhead view of a sprout after I dug it out of the pot. I was very careful not to damage the roots.

Here is the little sprout from the side.

Here is an up-close view of the mini rootball.

And finally here is one of the potted Dwarf Poinciana.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Check back to see the growth of these mini trees!


Fern said...

Oooh, seeing that a seed has germinated is always so exciting!

Perennial Garden Lover said...

I like the fern-like foliage on your baby trees.

miriam said...

everything looks so moist and green. things here are dry. nice to see new growth. we are getting ready to harvest out goldfinger bananas. i have a post scheduled soon---check in.