Saturday, February 16, 2008

Today I purchased a 3 gallon pot of Chinese Fan Palms(Livistona chinensis). There were 11 plants in this pot. Well if you read my post about the Areca Palm privacy fence then I think you know what I did with it. Yep, I took the palm out of the pot and separated them. I used a water hose to rinse out all of the dirt from the roots and very carefully separated them. When you do this you want keep all of the roots in tact, if you can. It is almost impossible to do but worth the try if you succeed. After I have separated all of the palms I planted them all over the yard, some in full sun, and some in shade. This palm grows well in either condition, the difference is the color. So where I planted them they start out in the shade and gradually get into the sun so the color scheme should be great. Just like with the Areca Palms I took some pictures of the process for you to look at. Here they are, enjoy!!