Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Dog ( Boss Man )

Well since my dog is helping me out so much in the yard I figured I might as well introduce him. His name is Boss Man, I call him Boss for short. He is a red nose pitbull mixed with cur which makes him a pit cur. He is 5 years old and is the best dog you could ever ask for, c'mon he does yard work! To me he is the best mix of dogs you can get, of course everyone knows how hard core pitbulls ( I am not going to say are because it is all how they are raised but I will say) can be. You just don't want to mess with them. However Cur dogs are the one of the smartest dogs out there. Now I have an extremely smart and hardcore dog, isn't that the idea of having a dog( To have a good friend watching your back). He loves to play games like, I throw the stick and then he goes and gets it and tries to run past me with out letting me take it, then I chase him around the yard trying to get it from him. This is a very fun game and it is just a game. I know what you are thinking, he will fetch but not return. This is not true, he will bring me the stick if I ask him for it but I enjoy the game as much as he does as it is a challenge to chase down a pit and take a stick from him. I have only taken the stick a few times but I have taken the stick, that is all that matters to me. Boss loves tangerines which is a little funny to me as I have never seen a dog eat citrus. Boss will jump up into the tree and pick his own fruit and peel it and eat it, however he prefers that I do all of the work and peel it for him which I don't mind because it is good bonding for us. In having Boss I have a very good friend, a very very good security system, help in the yard, and Boss is very good with the baby. When my baby Aaron Tyler is in a room ( any room ) Boss is laying in the doorway of that room acting as a security guard. This eases my mind very much. I just have to say that I could not ask for a better dog. Here are some pictures of The Boss!!