Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I Scored Today!!

Today I went to my mother's house to help her plant some plants she had just brought home from a show in Miami. We were talking in the house and looking out the window at her Areca Palms. I was telling her how much I like the Areca's and she told me that she didn't really care to much for them. She said they were a lot of work clipping and what not. I told her what I do when I clip mine is I take the clippings in the house and place them in vase's around the house. The clippings usually hold up for 3-4 weeks before they start looking bad. Using the clippings is a very affordable way to decorate the house. I went outside to get some clippings from hers to show her but she already trimmed it. That's when I noticed all the seeds on the ground. There were thousands of them everywhere. I started collecting them and noticed a sprout. Then another sprout, and another. I ended up leaving there with 50-60 Areca Palm sprouts that ranged from 1" to 4". Here are some pictures of the little guys.