Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A really good friend of mine moved into a great house a while ago. There was a stag horn ( Platycerium bifurcatum ) that was wrapped around an entire tree trunk. The cool thing about it was that the tree was gone above the top of the Stag , so it looked like a Stag Horn Tree. Well the tree ended up falling over and they were moving out at the same time. It would have taken a serious piece of machinery to move this thing. They were just going to leave it behind. They said I could peel off some pieces if I wanted. Me and my buddy Brandan ended up going over there on our way home from the nursery expedition. There it was, this massive piece of stag horn laying on the ground. Of course the camera was left home that day. I did get some pictures when I got home though of the pieces. We pulled off about 10 pieces each ranging from very little pieces to large pieces. Well, I decided to do some utilization, I took that stump from the grapefruit tree I dug up to put in my Foxtail Palm. I cleaned the stump up with my shears and attached one of the pieces of Stag Horn to the front of it. Looks pretty good, then I mounted a metal bracket to the top to hang it from. Then I took another piece of stump and attached small pieces to it almost around the whole piece. This will be my tabletop stag horn. To top everything off, today was a very gorgeous day! Here are some of the the pictures, enjoy!!


Di DeCaire said...

I've been enjoying your blog. I envy your weather and the plants you can grow. Good job on propagating the Areca palms.