Friday, February 29, 2008

I started a new Stag Horn ( Platycerium bifurcatum ) today. I think it will look very good when it takes off. I took a piece that I had left over from a previous project and took my stapler and 2 pieces of 2 inch strap. I held the Stag Horn in place while I stapled the straps to a Sable Palm Tree. I have another piece of Stag Horn that is almost identical and I am going to place it on the Palm Tree that is right next to this one. First I have to clean up the palm tree so there is a spot for the Stag Horn. Then I will mount it the same way as the first one. Here are a few pictures of my new Stag Horn on a Palm Tree. You can see the neighbor tree I have to clean up too. Thank you , and enjoy!!