Friday, February 29, 2008

Areca Palm Privacy Fence Update

Well it has been about a month and a half since I planted my Areca Palm ( Dypsis lutescens ) privacy fence. You can read all the details of this project in my previous post : Click Here For $36.00 Privacy Fence. I decided it was time for an update so here we go. I am going to say that at the time I have about a 30%-40% success rate. There are a lot of dead looking Areca's but I will not call them dead until they are gone. Until they are gone I will continue to water them in hopes of revival. I also have a few Areca's that look pretty good, and of course some that are in the in between stage, go to the light or come back. Either way whatever state they are in I am still going to take care of them regardless until they all flourish. I have been spraying 20-20-20 fertilizer on them once a week for 2 weeks so far, still to early to report any results on the use of the fertilizer. When I started the project I had no idea that it was going to get so cold this year so I had to battle the cold spurts as well as my dog Boss peeing on them, trampling all over them and he even pulled 2 of them out of the ground, 1 of which was my best 1. I am sure you can imagine how that made me feel. We have to remain optimistic here so I am not worried, with some patience mixed in with some love and dedication I think it will be all right. Here are some pictures of the privacy fence.


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Rebecca A. Maynard said...

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