Monday, March 3, 2008

Bird Feeder

O.k. I wasn't going to mention it yet but I have been building a bird feeder. I painted it today and will hang it tomorrow. Not to bad for my first one, but wait till you see my next one. I am still thinking of how I want the next one but coming soon....... GUANO!!! That's right I am designing my first Bat House too. I have lots of mosquitos here so rather than use pesticides I will use Bats. The best part about it is I will also get free Guano ( Bat poop ), which is one of the best ingredients you can use in planting. It is a total win win situation. Back to the subject here are some pictures of my paint job. Plus as an added bonus you get a closer shot of the second Stag Horn that I also hung up today as I mentioned in my earlier post Stag Horn Project Update.


Anna said...

Welcome and love the birdhouse. I go for mushroom compost myself but I can see where bat guano is good too. Hope you enjoy it here at blotanical!