Thursday, March 20, 2008

I was browsing through my local garden center when I stumbled upon a sign that said $5.00 plants. I started looking at all the plants and I spotted a Spindle Palm ( Hyophorbe verschaffeltii ). Score!! You just can't beat a $5.00 palm tree, no matter what kind it is. I am attracted to the triangle shaped trunk and bottle shaped base. The Spindle Palm is about 2.5 feet tall and I just re potted it into the pot you see in the picture. Here are the pictures of my new Spindle Palm!!


Trudi said...

The Spindle Palm is a very beautiful Palm. I have a fairly big one in my garden. It always looks tidy. The leaves are really nice to look at and the trunk is also interesting all in all you have got yourself a real winner. The Australian Bangalow Palm is a very beautiful, fast growing Palm. The Alexandra Palm is too an aussi native and really a great palm to have. Perhaps you are already growing them.

Anonymous said...

What?! 5 bucks? I of course think what's wrong with it, but it looks great. I love finding good deals