Wednesday, March 19, 2008

First Travelers Palm Tree Sprout

Today when I checked my incubators I found sprouts!! My first Travelers Palm ( Ravenala madagascariensis ) sprout!! It has been a month and a half since I placed the seeds in the incubator. Not a bad germination rate if you ask me. I placed 20 seeds in the incubator so I am still waiting on 18 more. It is starting to get really exciting now that I am seeing some results. Here are some pictures of the new sprout.


önalgiller said...

nice to hear that someone succeed.i ve just bought 7 seeds but i dont know when and how to start propagation.

neonmoon38 said...

Very impressive palms!
Where might I obtain such seeds
or sprouts for my home?
I have just returned from Fort
Lauderdale and have seen a row of
fully grown Traveller Palms!

I'm Grateful for any information!
Thanks "Doc" Dave
Ocala, Florida