Monday, March 3, 2008

Stag Horn Project Update

In my last Stag Horn ( Platycerium holtummii ) post, I mentioned that I wanted to hang another Stag Horn on the other Palm Tree. Well I was out in the yard today painting my new bird feeder that I just built when I looked over at the Stag Horn that I had laying on the ground and decided today it would be hung. I put the last coat of paint on the bird feeder and went to cleaning the Sable Palm. I was not ready for this, I had to get my snips out and cut every piece off. This took forever and put me on the ladder. I made it pretty far up the tree, at least high enough to match the height of the first Stag Horn. I strapped the Stag Horn to the palm tree with black 2 inch strap and a couple of small staples. I positioned the Stag at the same height as the first one. I am very satisfied with the way it looks and really hope it works out. There is another Palm hidden behind the cherry bush that I am now thinking about exposing so I can hang another Stag Horn on it to get it the full effect. I just can't stop!! What do you think I should do? Here is a picture.


Vanillalotus said...

Stag Horns are very interesting. I like how you put them up on your palms. Another one shouldn't hurt go ahead and do it.

GardenJoy4Me said...

I am just stunned by your beautiful header picture ! .. absolutely gorgeous !

Nickie said...

I never appreciated palms untill I moved from CA. Now everytime I see one I lust after them. Nice palms, and nice staghorns!