Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I was at my aunt's house the other day on the river and was looking at all of her wonderful plants that she has when I walked passed her Cardboard Palms ( Zamia furfuracea ). She has several that are in great condition. I started to look more closely when I noticed sprouts! SCORE!! I found 2 sprouts that are about 10 inches tall! I almost did a backflip right there. I brought them home and potted them immediatly. I even cut my visit short to save time( I know, I know). But the bright side is that I now have 2 new Cardboard Palms to add to my collection. The Cardboard Palms grow about 3-4 feet tall and the leaves are very tough. The plant is very toxic to animals and to humans. If ingested kidney failure and liver disease can occur. This is not a plant to have if your pet likes to eat plants. Other than that the Cardboard Palm is a favorite. I am digging the sprouts because the hard work of germination is already done for you, and it is done in the wild so you already have a strong plant as only the strong survive in the wild. Here is a picture of one of my new sprouts, the 2 are exactly the same so no need to take up space on pics of both.


Crafty Gardener said...

Hope those little sprouts do well for you.