Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I was wandering around in the woods one day about 6 or 7 months ago when I stumbled upon this plant. I was taken by this plant. At the time I was looking hardcore for a Jacaranda Tree. Well this little plant I thought was a Jacaranda because of the leaves and 6 months ago I really didn't know anything about plants and trees. I ended up digging this little guy up out of the ground and bringing it home with me. I planted it in the location that I wanted my Jacaranda Tree to go. It did not look like it was going to make it for a long time. Almost all of the leaves were gone and it actually was a double trunk but 1 whole trunk died off. I just kept on watering it. Next thing you know about 4 months go by and BAM the little plant took off!! This was very exciting to me as I still thought this was a Jacaranda for 1, and for 2 this was my first successful transplant. Well it wasn't until the 3rd annual plant sale at F.I.T last weekend that I realized the in fact this was actually a Sensitive Plant. I was an idiot and did not write down the scientific name of the plant thinking I would just look it up when I got home. Well, I looked it up and nope, none of the listings are of the one that I have. So if anyone knows the scientific name of this Sensitive Plant please let me know. Now for the bad news. Me and Boss ( my dog ) were out in the yard today and he thought he saw something against the fence line where I had the Sensitive Plant planted. He charged over there with no regard for the little plant and trampled all over it. The trunk was snapped in half but still in 1 piece. I dug the Sensitive Plant up and put it all tightly back together then wrapped the wound with wire to hod together as you would in a graft. Then I wrapped that with some wire mesh for extra support. After I performed the surgery on this poor little guy I planted it in a pot for rehabilitation. I was going to replant it anyway because it was in almost full shade and they like some sun, I was just to late. Let this be a lesson to everyone DON'T PROCRASTINATE !! Well here are some pictures of the damaged Sensitive Plant, please if anyone has any information on the plant like: scientific name, if you think it will make it, or if you have any suggestions on what to do to increase the odds of survival please let me know. Thank you very much!!


Anonymous said...

Im not sure what kind of sensitive plant this is. The sensitive plant I own is much smaller and not as tree like and and it moves when you tickle it. Now most call it the TickleMe Plant. The TickleMe Plant produces pretty pink flowers and they have the best seeds for this at www.sensitiveplant.com but again yours looks more like a tree.
So its not a TickleMe Plant -(Mimosa pudica).