Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wow was it hot today!! Brandan and I showed up a little earlier than usual today because we have been itching all week to get back. When we arrived we were asked to recreate the back entrance to the Palm walk which was overgrown by Oyster Plants, and Cape Honeysuckle. When you walked up on the back entrance you were kind of left thinking where am I ? Do I go here? Which way do I go?

Well we took care of that today!! We cut back and dug out the Cape Honeysuckle and pulled up all the Oyster Plants. Now you can see the Crape Myrtle Tree that was hidden. We must have dumped 5 or 6 loads of limbs and leaves. Looks good, now you can tell where to go.......almost!!

Now the actual entrance to the Palm walk is overgrown by ferns. The path is barely wide enough to walk through. Well to fix this problem we got down and pulled up every Fern that was in our path!! In the process we uncovered several hidden Palm Trees that were down in the Ferns. No we have a pathway that is probably 5 feet wide. No more questioning is this the way anymore!! What a day, we accomplished a lot, however my batteries were dead in my camera. Good thing Brandan had his, if you want to see the before and after pictures of the new Palm Walk entrance then click here!!