Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Misi Luki Banana Tree

I was over at my buddy Brandans house yesterday when we decided it was time to remove the pups from his Misi Luki Banana Tree. He had I think 5 Misi Luki pups and we dug them out and potted them. You can read his post by clicking here and you can see the pictures of the process that we used.

I ended up coming home with 1 of the Misi Luki pups to plant in my yard. The little guy looks down right now but he will be back real soon. The Misi Luki Banana is at it's best when grown in full sun light. There are plenty of reasons why the Misi Luki Banana is of the favorites of Bananas, I might even go as far as to say it ranks #1!! Here are a few of the reasons: The Misi Luki Banana is highly resistant to disease, the major diseases they are susceptible to are Panama Disease and Black Sigatoka ( a leaf spot disease ). The Misi Luki Banana grows on average 10-12 feet tall and is very wind tolerant. The bananas are around 4 inches in length and are packed with a smooth creamy flavor making it an excellent dessert.

Here are a few pictures of my new addition to my Banana collection!!!


Eve said...

My DH loves banana plants. We have some sitting in a wheelbarrow right now waiting for one of us to get off our duff and plant them. They appear to be doing fine in there. It has been raining and they have a lot of soil on thier roots. My BIL clears his out every year. They grow like weeds for him. He has them around his pool so maybe the humidity is good for them. We live on the Gulf Coast so they did pretty good anywhere down here.