Thursday, May 1, 2008

Volunteer Orientation!!

It is official!! Yesterday My buddy Brandan from Another Yard In Fort Pierce and I attended orientation. Our local garden Heathecote Botanical Gardens in Fort Pierce, Florida held there volunteer orientation yesterday. We signed up to volunteer our services every Wednesday from 9am until noon.

This is going to be great!! For 1, Heathecote is stunning as it is and get this.... They just purchased 75 more acres containing a 20 acre lake to expand their garden. We will volunteer our services as often as we can to help with this massive expansion project (click here for details). We have plans of donating some of our exotics to the garden as well!! I can't tell you how excited I am about this!! This will be a very good experience for me to help me on the the next level!!

Speaking of the next level, by the hair on our chins we just missed the Master Gardener Class this year, but we are attending next year!! The class should be a breeze after all of the experience gained from working at a Botanical Garden.

I am very excited about volunteering at Heathecote Botanical Gardens and being able to be apart of the expansion project!! I will keep you up to date with a new post every week about what I have learned during my time at Heathcote Botanical Gardens!


Zoë said...

Hi, thanks for the kind comments on my blog. Good luck with the volunteering, looks like a really interesting opportunity to be involved in something special.

Best Wishes,


bestdank said...

I can't wait!!

walk2write said...

Happy volunteering! It's great to help out when you can. I have had more satisfaction from unpaid work than from the kind that nets a paycheck. It's the kind of satisfaction that money just can't buy. I'm sure you will learn a lot.