Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Please Help!!

I am reconstructing my blog at this time and I am looking for some feedback. Please feel free to let me know what you think as far as loading time, content, picture quality, etc..... I will be changing things around for the next.... until I get it right so please bare with me!! Thank you for all of your help and support!!!


Julia said...

Just my thoughts - I love greens and blacks on gardening blogs, and think your colour scheme is great. Only thing is that sometimes it's a little difficult to see that grassy green on the black background. Going a bit paler (more of a pastel green than a lime green though) would be easier on the eye, as you need a good contrast between text and background.

Your widgets are great too - wondering if on both sides of the screen they detract from your actual text? I'd be tempted to put everything into one sidebar and have a bit more space between the sidebar and the blog posts. It'll show off your photos much better (your photos are excellent).

And just one more thing - you have two "subscribe by e-mail" widgets, both for Feedburner. I don't know if that's you in the process of moving things around, but the one in the top right with the text box is better than the one at the bottom left.

Helen (aka patientgardener said...

I like your blog but agree with Julia that the widgets on both sides of the page detract from the text.

mr_subjunctive said...

I like the blog just fine, except . . . my browser sometimes locks up for a little while when I load it. I suspect it's the music, as something similar happens when I load The Rock and Roll Gardener, though for whatever reason it's worse on your page. It doesn't keep me from visiting your site, but it's a thing, and hey, you asked.

Nancy J. Bond said...

Bravo! The smaller photos load much more quickly than the large photo you had in your header, and they are just as lovely. My only suggestion would be one that's already made -- if you're going to keep the black background, change the green text color. Something lighter (like a mint green) or a cream work very well -- the green (or a red) are really hard on the eyeballs on black background. :) Nice job.

Lets Plant said...

Thank you soo much for the input!! These are very simple changes. I will get to work on them this afternoon. Thank so much it is always wonderful to receive your feedback!!

ldybug said... your blog. The music always startles me a bit because I always forget it's coming. Also, I agree about putting all the widgits on one side. Take care!