Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Orchid Project Update #1 !!

O.K. I have been busy!! To start off if you haven't seen the Orchid Project yet please click here to see the beginning first. I have done a lot of work over at my neighbors house since then.

I have completely cleaned out the Orchid house and made it accessible. Now my neighbor can get in there and look and touch her own Orchids again!! It makes me feel really good to know that I have changed her life!! She could not stop telling how her whole outlook on life has changed due to this little project. She walks around with the biggest smile on her face now. She has had these Orchids for many many years and is not able to care for them or their house anymore. It was looking really bad.

I went over there without telling her and cleaned it all up. I re-strapped the roof for her and added some more roof panels that she had laying inside of the Orchid house block here from entering. Then I pulled all of the weeds and got the weed eater in there to clean it up real nice. Then I re-arranged all the Orchids so they looked nice!! When I was all done I went and knocked on her door to show what I have done.

You should have seen her face light up!! I think it was brighter than the SUN!! She kept saying that she couldn't understand why I was doing this. That people my age just don't do this sort of thing. I told her that my mother asked me one day if I was going to be like everybody else. My reply was NO, I don't want to be like everyone else, I want to be me!! She made me some fresh roasted almonds that were the best Almonds I have ever eaten!! She insisted that I was a gift from above!! That made me feel really good inside! These are the rewards I look for, I want you to smile that's all!!

Well, the Orchids are doing fantastic!! I have been taking regular care for them. I just wish I knew what they are. The neighbor doesn't remember it has been so long and she has had several strokes. Here are the pictures of the NEW and IMPROVED Orchid House Project!! Enjoy!!


Julia said...

That's a really kind thing to do for your neighbour. And the reward, that warm feeling, is much better than payment isn't it?

I agree - sometimes us youngsters (it's a while since I referred to myself as one, but you and I are about the same age) just get written off as not interested.

Helen said...

Well done - you must have had a real sense of achievement.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

What a wonderful thing to do for your neighbor! And how wonderful it must be to have an orchid house, not too many of those in Iowa.

walk2write said...

At the end of a day, isn't it more important to have lifted someone's burden than to pat ourselves on the back for how beautiful our yards are? I think it's great that you are learning just how boundless your capacity for loving your neighbor as yourself really is.

plantgirl said...

that's awesome - I've never seen or heard of an orchid house - something you just don't find in Utah.
~plantgirl of

Wicked Gardener said...

What a cool thing to do for your neighbor. If she gives you any tips for taking care of them, let me know - I always kill them.