Saturday, May 3, 2008

Today I was looking at my Red Ornamental Pineapple and thought to myself it was time to separate the sucker. I gather up my tools and materials and headed over to the workbench.

In the first picture you can see the sucker. The sucker is the sprout coming off the side of the plant.

In the second picture I am pulling the sucker away to show you a better view.

The third picture is just a close up of the two plants where they are connected. You want to disconnect them right where you see the white. Just grab and pull with a twisting motion until it snaps off!

The forth picture is of the separated plant. It is a pretty specimen isn't it!!

The fifth picture is an aerial view into the center of the new Ornamental Red Pineapple. I am not able to identify this plant due to the lack of serrated edges. All pineapples that I have seen have serrated edges. I was told that it must be a hybrid!! I am O.K. with that!! If you have any knowledge please let me know.

The sixth picture is of the mother and sibling sitting side by side!!

The seventh picture is of the new baby red pineapple in it's own pot!! I love the red in the leaves!!

The eighth picture is an extreme close-up of the leaves on the mother plant. I am hoping that this will help with identification. Not to mention how cool they look!!

And with that all being said, hopefully I will have successfully divided the beautiful Ornamental Red Pineapple into two!! Wish me luck!! Thank you!!


Wicked Gardener said...

I hope you end up with lots of babies! Its a pretty plant.

ldybug said...

Do you ever look on craigslist for plants? I don it a couple times a year and recently found something in psl. I never pursued the plant, but I though about it. I am just a bit leary of the unknown. Have you ever done this in our area? Any good/negative info? The

Lets Plant said...

No I have never checked Craig's list. I never even thought to, thanks I will check it out. I always say " You'll Never Know Unless You Go" !!!