Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I was over at my buddy Jeremy's house today and we were in his backyard walking around and talking when I noticed a rather interesting flower on his fence. We walked over to the purple crazy flower and I asked him what it was and he couldn't remember right at the moment as the name was on the tip of his tongue. He told to rip some up and take it home because he had it all over.

When I returned to the house and walked in the front door holding a bag I was asked what's in the bag? I said I am not sure you tell me, she said Passion Vine!! So I called Jeremy back to verify and he said yep that's it!! I immediately went outside and planted my new Passion Vine's into pots.

The Passion Vine ( Passiflora incarnata ) is very invasive!! The Passion Vine grows best in full sun to partial shade. The Passion Vine can grow from 4-20 feet tall. It grows extremely fast and can get out of control very quickly!! I will attempt to grow my Passion Vines in pots next to my fence and see if they will climb the fence that way to contain them. If not, oh well the flower is absolutely amazing!! Here are some pictures of my new Passion Vine ( Passiflora incarnata ) or Passion Flower is another name it is referred to.


walk2write said...

I grew this vine even in Paducah, Kentucky, although it is not as prolific there with the cold winters to keep it in check. Its fragrance (as I remember) is quite delightful. By the way, when are you going to feature fishing? My husband likes to see a good fish picture, although he would rather be catching them!

Nomadic said...

I'm in Fort Pierce as well. We have Purple Passion growing on our arbor out back. My hubby just expanded the arbor and the Purple Passion has already taken over most of the new area, in just 3 weeks!

If you cruise up to Lakewood Park, email me and I'll give you the grand tour.

By the way, we kept our PP in pots, but it didn't grow well until we put it in the ground.

Melissa in FL

Lets Plant said...

It has been to windy to do any fishing lately but as soon as I go I will post the pictures!! You did not leave me an email address Melissa, I would love a tour, I grew up in Lakewood Park for 15 years. I know the place well. If you read this again please leave me an email address!!

Nomadic said...

Sorry about that! I thought blogger showed it to you since I have to enter my email to post. I'm at nnisigning@gmail.com.

Feel free to email...I'm sure my hubby would LOVE to show off his purple passion. :)

Neza said...

Fun for you...I think if you get a big enough pot, it should be ok. Better not risk it in the ground- I know it grows fast too.

Angie said...

I just got my first Passion Vine too! It's the Blue Passion. I instantly fell in love with the flower and it's scent. I planted it in the ground and it seems to be doing well. It lost it's blooms but I see eveidence of baby blooms now so I think it's going to be just fine. I actually can't wait for it to take over! I read that they produce fruit too!

Rodney said...

I am located in northern California and have tried to get Passion Vines to grow here for quite some time. I can get them growing well most summer but have some problems over wintering them. It seems there are quite a few exotic varieties that do well in cooler environments as well some that like the heat all the time. None seem to do well colder than frost. Varieties I grow well here east of SF will not grow well in cooler SF.

It all depends on where they are from in Latin America. Some are high growing from the Andes while others are from warm low land tropics.

Hybrids are the same. Depends on the hybrid as well as the parentage.

Viva variety!