Friday, May 23, 2008

Name That Water Iris!!

I purchased this beautiful Water Iris last weekend at the Farmers Market from one of the vendors I usually buy stuff from. He was unsure of the name though so I am hoping that someone can identify it for me. I know it is a water Iris and that is it. The blooms are beautiful with a yellow core surrounded by a mauve-ish color. Here are some pictures of my new Water Iris in bloom. If you know the name of this Water Iris please let me know, I couldn't find it anywhere thanks!!!


Mad Man Bamboo said...

Beautiful iris, can't help in the naming though. What a nice find that was!


bestdank said...

Sweet picture!! Wish I had a name for you.

Zoƫ said...


I think it might be a variety of Iris ensata, although the colour is very unusual. A beautiful thing. I'll have a scan through my references tomorrow, and see if I can find anything more specific tomorrow.

Best Wishes,


Lets Plant said...

Thank you so much Zoe.

Muum said...

hmm, no idea on the name (I am doing the same thing with my bearded iris-trying to find the names of some of mine!) but it is lovely. I don't know much about water iris, is it a bog plant,and needs wet feet?

Lets Plant said...

Yes it is muum. You can grow them right in the pond. Just don't want the trunk to stay wet as it will rot out. Pretty weird that they can grow in the water but the water level can only be a certain height. I have not put mine in my pond yet but I think I am going to get another pond going and put it in that one. Good luck on you identifications!