Friday, May 9, 2008

My Orchid Mounts!!

Here are a few Orchid mounts that I am working on at the time. They are not complete yet, I am posting to receive some feedback from you. Let me hear your suggestions.

Living 5 miles from the beach allows me to get drift wood anytime I want. The catch is that I must soak the wood for a week or two to remove all of the salt so I do not kill my plants that I mount to them. But the upside is that driftwood gives an amazing effect, and it being really old just adds the extra character to it!!

Here are a few of my mounts. Let me know what you think!! Thanks!


ldybug said...

i really really like drift wood. i suppose you could use 2 x 4s too. i use those things that fall from palm tree flowers. the y are pointy at one end and usually open at the other end. good luck.