Saturday, April 12, 2008

2nd Pinapple Project!!

I went to the Fort Pierce Farmers Market this morning bright and early. Finally, I am always late and miss out on everything. I made my way over to the Pineapple guys and picked up another Pineapple. Their Pineapples are the best tasting Pineapples ever!! Since I had success rooting my last one I decided to do it again. Besides you want several that have been planted at different times to fruit at different times to create a cycle.

When I arrived back at the house, the first thing I did was crop the top of the beautiful Pineapple. To crop the top of the Pineapple I just grabbed the green and give a quick spin and pull and it comes right off.

After you have cropped the top of the delicious Pineapple you have selected, you need to clean it. By cleaning I mean don't just put the top right in the ground, it may work but chances aren't very good. You may rot the the Pineapple out. To prevent from rot, what you need to do is pull off all the leaves at the bottom until you have exposed about an inch to an inch and a half of the stalk.

Then you need to let the top sit upside down on the counter or something until it callouses over or dries up. This may take from 2 day's up to a week. My last one took 4 days. This is the part I am at with my second Pineapple Project. In a few days I will follow the rest of the instructions. If you want to know what they are now you can click here for how to do the rest of the Pineapple Project. I have posted some pictures to help visualize the process. So, until the update!!!


Zoƫ said...

We have tried growing pineapple from their leaves before, managed to get them to root, but its just not warm enough here unless you give them a stove house to get them to fruit.

Bet your Brugmansia smell divine, I do keep a couple of those on the terrace in summer, but I am told they are hallucinogenic too!

It will be interesting to watch your garden develop in a climate so different from my own.

byrningbunny said...

I just read the above comment. I was wondering if I could get one of these to grow in the house up here. Fresh pineapple sounds sooo good right now!