Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tree Cactus Project

I was out fishing the other day soaking up some of this beautiful weather. I started looking at all the tree's around me ,like I find my self doing quite often, when I noticed a Cabbage palm tree that had a cactus growing all over it. I have seen cactus on tree's before but not this one. I was drawn to the shape of this cactus.

Well I reached up and pulled a couple pieces off to bring home with me. I have had them laying on my bench since then drying out. I noticed a shoot coming out of the side of one today. This discovery made me go ahead with operation Tree Cactus Project.

First I needed to decide where to put the cuttings. I thought that adding it to the Stag Horn Project would be best. So I grabbed the ladder out and headed over to the Cabbage Palms. The ground over here is real sandy so I have to be careful when placing my ladder. I climbed up and stuck the pieces of cactus up in the palm tree wedged in the cracks. I think it looks great!! Here are some pictures. If you know what kind of succulent this is please let me know. Thanks!


Linda said...

I think what you have found is a Cereus Cactus of some type. There are several types. I have been given one of these wonderful plants by friends. The plant blooms only a couple of times a year, but what a treat. You can actually watch the bud open over the course of few hours. People actually have Cereus parties to watch this amazing sight. I understand that in some areas in Florida they grow in trees and you can just sit under them to watch them bloom. They have a very heavy sweet scent. Wonderful plants. They propagate easily just by putting the leaf in soil. You can also cut the leaf in half and both pieces will root.Good luck with your new find. Linda B

Lets Plant said...

Thanks for the great info Linda!

Garrett Sawyer said...

Question: Why must a clipping be dried before it's transplanted? Also, how long are you supposed to let it dry?

Great blog by the way, I live in so. Cali in zone 9-10, I don't know how helpful your blog will be to me just yet but it's interesting.