Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Today I started my Pandanas utilis ( Screw Pine ) germination project. As you already know from my earlier post "Screw Pine Seed And Sprout Score", I have a lot of Screw Pine seeds. If you haven't read this post "click here"I suggest you do as it has lots of information on the Pandanas utilis.

I placed 11 seeds in a polystart solution a few days ago. Today I decided to start germination of these seeds. What I have done here is taken the sandiest dirt I could find in my yard and filled the pot up about a quarter of the way. Then I placed my Pandanas utilis seeds on the top of the dirt. Once my seeds were all on the dirt I covered them with about 2-3 inches of mulch. That's it, that's all you have to do. I will water 1 time to soak the mulch and dirt and that's it. Do not water anymore, let the rain take care of it. I have done this with 11 polystarted seeds and 16 non polystarted seeds. Now I wait to see results, should take about a month or so.


Anonymous said...

would love to know the results of both the use of the polystart and non use of the poly start...i have just been given some seeds and want to grow them in my sizable southwest florida yard of almost an acre...hope i hear from you because i really need to know how to germinate these things! thanks

Lets Plant said...

I use polystart almost everytime I germinate anything. I believe it raises the germination success rate way up. However in this case I think my seeds were bad. I have not had one sprout yet. The seeds became moldy because I left them in the bag to long.