Monday, April 21, 2008

My best score yet!! I have heard of this plant for quite some time now and have been very unsuccessful in finding it. This is the variegated Sea Grape ( Coccoloba uvifera ). Sea Grape grows every where around here and I have been looking at every one I see and never see a variegated one. This form of Sea Grape is extremely rare!!

Well I have found one at the Heathcote Botanical Sale that was held this past weekend in Fort Pierce, Fl. at the Heathcote Botanical Gardens. This extremely rare plant came with a hefty price tag. Me and my buddy Brandan from Another Yard In Fort Pierce split it, and we will air layer it to get two plants out of it. It is well worth it since I believe that we are the only two people in town that have this very rare plant!!

Here are the pictures of the beautiful Variegated Sea Grape ( Coccoloba uvifera ). Enjoy!!


joey said...

Indeed a beauty! You have most unusual plants that I am unfamiliar with living in the north. Hope all are 'happy' in your garden :)