Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ahh, the Giant Star Potato Tree ( Solanum macranthum ). I have just purchased one of these beauty's and added it to my garden(jungle) lol!!

The Giant Star Potato Tree grows very fast, and enjoys basking in the full sun. You must be careful when handling this tree as it has very sharp thorns all over it. There also seems to be a fiberglass kind of hair all over it that iches really bad. The Giant Star Potato Tree also is a very thirsty tree so you will want to water it alot.

The first 4 pictures are of my baby Giant. As you can see the leaves are very attractive. The last 3 pictures I found on the Internet and posted them so you can see the magnificent blooms that form all year round. The very last picture is to show you the massive size that the Giant Star Potato Tree can achieve. I hope you enjoy the pictures!!


A Softer Side said...

I love your pictures!

Just wanted to drop in and thank you for looking for the candlestick plant!

Barbee' said...

Hi, I just read and browsed all the way down to here. Didn't mean to stay so long, but your blog is interesting because your garden is so different from mine. Oh, and the volunteer job sounds perfect for you. Good work!

natrexdogg said...

i love your site! i also just planted a star pot. tree. Couldn't find it anywhere but one site that was selling seeds. Our local botanical gardens happened to have one & since I was so interested they decided to give me one! Mine is growing fast & I can't wait for my first bloom! thanks for the informational site!

eileen said...

I have a potato tree. Something is eating the leaves. It looks like black spots. Any idea on how to get rid of whatever it is? Thanks

Lets Plant said...

Hello Eileen, sorry for the delay. I am not so sure about the insect problem you are dealing with. My tree didn't make it so I wasn't able to observe it very much. Maybe try goggling the tree's pest and disease problems.