Monday, April 21, 2008

Here is another score from the Heathcote Botanical Sale that was held this past weekend here in Fort Pierce at Heathcote Botanical Gardens.

This is the Crocodyllus or Crocodile Fern ( Microsorum musifolium ). This is a very interesting fern that I have wanted for quite some time now. They just don't sell them in our local nursery's, and if they do they are very expensive. I am attracted to this fern because of the Crocodile skin look and texture of the leaves. I do not know where to put it yet but all that matters is that I have it!!

Here are some pictures of my new Crocodyllus or Crocodile Fern ( Microsorum musifolium ).


ldybug said...

Two really great finds. I've never heard of these before.

cindee said...

That is a cool fern. I guess they won't grow here in CA. That would be fun though(-:

Anonymous said...

I discoved the ferns today as well, Lowes Hardware has them in stock in NC, I bought 2 very large ones about 3ft tallx2ft wide. They were inexpensive at lowes, about 15 dollars each, just an fyi they are beautiful though