Monday, April 28, 2008

As I mentioned in my last post about the Clustered Fishtail Score, my girlfriends parents asked me to come over and dig up the Fishtail. While I was there they asked me if I wanted a White Silk Floss Tree ( Chorisia insignis ). I already have 1 that is about 5 feet tall that I transplanted from them about 6 or 7 months ago. This one is about 8 feet tall though and looks really good. I said sure I will take it off your hands.

So when I was finished digging up the Clustered Fishtail I started to dig up the White Silk Floss Tree. Her parents are thinning out there private jungle as it is getting a little wild in there. It works out for both of us as I dig up what they don't want, and I get to add to my little jungle!! Win Win situation!!

As I mentioned in my earlier post on the Clustered Fishtail Score I did not have my camera to snap any shots before I started the dig, or the transportation. I did get some pictures of the re-pot. I added vitamin B-2 to the soil to minimize the transplant shock and added liquid root hormone to stimulate new root growth. When I was done I soaked the pot until the water was running out of the bottom. I will water continuously over the next month or so.

A few facts on the White Silk Floss Tree ( Chorisia insignis ): This tree may grow over 40 feet tall and tends to bottle up!!! This tree also love to sun bathe all day!! Extreme caution should be used when handling or just hanging around the White Silk Floss Tree as it is covered in very large, very sharp thorns!! The White Silk Floss Tree is also drought tolerant making it suitable for xeriscaping!!

Here are the pictures that I did get, the last one is a picture that I found on the Internet. I posted it to give you an idea what it looks like all grown up, enjoy!!!


Rosengeranium said...

Cool tree!

Helen (aka patientgardener) said...

It certainly was your lucky day!

James said...

I am not going to even tell you how cool of a place you live in... wait I just did.

Thanks for stopping by!

Northern Shade said...

I enjoyed checking out your palms and orchids. I have palm envy as I look at your garden. I can feel the heat and moisture and smell the scents as I scan the pictures. Good luck with the transplants.

Alan said...

Wow! Bit different than my 5 acres of grass, swamp, and goats. Looks like you are well on your way to a brilliant garden. Look at ways you can encourage wildlife in your jungle. They will complete the system. (or, I have a suicidal chicken I could send you...)

Keep growing!!!!

Lets Plant said...

Thanks!! Hey Alan that chicken might not be a bad idea!! lol!!