Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Last Saturday when I attended the Farmers Market I purchased several items. ( Click Here For More Information About The Farmers Market ) I have been holding out on this one until I found a deal that I liked. Well, like I said before " great deals at the Farmers Market ".

There was a man selling Palm Tree's at a booth and one of the Palms he was selling was a Bismarck Palm ( Bismarkia nobilis ). I have wanted this Palm for some time now but they are extremely expensive. This man had 1 Bismarck and he was selling it for $10.00. That's right $10.00. That is an awesome deal to me and I could not pass it up, especially that he only had 1. Now I have a Bismarck Palm as part of my collection.

The Bismarck Palm that I purchased has a little stain to it from the well water sprinkler system that the grower used but that will grow out. This Bismarck is about 3 feet tall right now. They can grow anywhere from 10 feet up to 40 feet tall. The Bismarck Palm Tree has a blueish-green tint to it's foliage. The Bismarck Palm is native to Madagascar along with almost every other fascinating Palm Tree. The Bismarck Palm is also drought tolerant making it suitable for xeriscaping. Although the Bismarck Palm Tree is massive and very strong looking, it is actually one of the more sensitive Palms as far as transplanting and cold goes. On that note you better make sure that you plant this Palm where you want ti the first time because it will most likely die if you try to move it. You should space the Bismarck Palms about 15-20 feet apart as they can produce fronds that are 10 feet themselves.

Here are some pictures of my new addition the Bismarck Palm Tree ( Bismarkia nobilis ).


Vanillalotus said...

what a great little palm. I don't know how you find all these great deals on these wonderful exotic plants. I never find anything like that not even sales at the big box stores.