Saturday, April 5, 2008

Florida Mangrove Sprout!!

This one started about a month and a half ago. I was out fishing in the boat with my buddy Kevin and mangrove seeds kept on floating by. I started picking them up out of the water and putting them in my tackle box.

When I got home I put them in a pot of potting soil. I heard that they would not grow because of the conditions they were in. Mangroves are found along the edges of salt water ways. They grow to be protective homes for Snook,Snapper and lots of other fish. Mangroves are the type of tree that grows the roots from the top down, known as prop roots. This is very helpful during hurricane times to fight erosion. The Mangrove is a protected species here in Florida. Which is good if you ask me because this is a very valuable resource here. You can get jail time and very heavy fines for removing just one branch off a wild tree.

I have been watering regularly and spraying with a B-1 solution every now and then.
Well, I have 1 out of 3 sprouting. I am really excited about this because I was told I could not do it. Now we will see if it survives. Here are some pictures of my sprout and 2 pictures of an adult so you can see what they look like if you do not know!!