Monday, April 7, 2008

Angel Trumpet ( Brugmansia )

About 3 or 4 months ago I was given a long stick. I was told that this stick is from an Angel Trumpet ( Brugmansia ). I do not know the more specific name. I am leaning toward " Isabella" but I'm not positive, if you know the rest of the name please let me know.

I was told to cut out the middle and plant it and it would grow. Well, what I did was cut the stick up into 4 pieces. Then I wet the ends of each piece and dipped them in root hormone. They are all doing extremely well. I have even cut 2 more pieces off one of them and they are doing great too!

I water them regularly and fertilize with 20-20-20 once a week. The leaves are a beautiful green and there are buds all over them!! Although the Angel Trumpet's are very aromatic as well as eye catching, they are very toxic too. You should use caution when handling this plant. Here are some pictures of one of my Angel Trumpet's ( Brugmansia ) that is flowering. The first 4 pictures are from 4 days prior to the last 5.


ldybug said...

thank you so much for saying how you fertilize it. Mine has never flowered. I guess I need to fertilize it more regularly. Take care.

Lets Plant said...

No problem, hope you get flowers soon!!