Monday, April 7, 2008

This is the absolute best time of year!! The weather is perfect, the water is crystal blue and everything is growing!!

Today while I was taking my morning stroll around the yard I was hit with another surprise. I was headed over by the pond area and I happened to notice a white flower from the distance. I turned right around and went to get the camera.

When I came back I started taking shots of the flower. When I got closer I noticed that it was my Walking Iris ( Neomarica gracilis ) flowering. And I must say WOW!! That is a pretty flower. This is the first time it has flowered so you can imagine my excitement! Please enjoy the pictures of my Walking Iris ( Neomarica gracilis ).


chey said...

That is a very interesting and beautiful plant! I've never heard of a Walking Iris. It has quite an unusual appearance!

Anonymous said...

What an eye-catching flower! Beautiful.