Thursday, April 17, 2008

Today I was helping my buddy Brandan from Another Yard In Fort Pierce pick up some couches from and old house off the river. When I say old house I mean old, they just had a party last weekend for the houses 100th birthday!! The house is still magnificent today, I wish I had my camera with me.

The very nice lady that owned the house had the largest collection of Painted Fingernail Bromeliads ( Neoregelia spectabilis ) I have ever seen wrapped around one of her many Extra Large Oaks. We started talking and I explained to her that I have just recently started gardening. I was telling her about the very tiny Painted Fingernail that I have and she insisted that I take one home with me. Score!!!

The one that I picked out was actually a double. When we were all done moving the couches we went back to my house where we took the extra large Painted Fingernail around back to the work bench. I cut off the second Painted Fingernail and gave it to Brandan.

I planted my extra large Painted Fingernail Bromeliad in my front yard at the base of my Oak Tree. It looks great there!! Here are some pictures of my new Painted Fingernail Bromelaid ( Neoregelia spectabilis ).


Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm in Port Fierce, too, and I also have some fingernail bromeliads. I was given a couple many, many years ago, and over time they've multiplied. They're my most treasured bromeliads. Take great care of them and they will make you very happy in the years to come.